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Return on Trust


Clark Dodge Asset Management offers a full range of wealth management services allowing clients to consolidate their estate and retirement planning and also manage discretionary investments.

Retirement Planning

For many clients, retirement is the culmination of 30-40 years of work and savings, while the retirement itself may outlast those earning years. Determining the required rate of return, designing the appropriate asset allocation and minimizing risk in later years is a responsibility we do not take lightly and is the most significant area on which we can have an impact. 

Estate Planning

Whether seeking to minimize estate and income taxes or simply creating the investment vehicles that will maximize what you might leave to future generations, estate planning is a critical component of asset management.  Establishing trusts today or in testamentary form is often the most effective way to maximize generational wealth transfer.

Discretionary Investment Management & Consulting

Saving for shorter term goals can often be as important if not more so than planning for the long term.  Whether planning a new business, sending a child to college or simply saving for a rainy day, we work closely with clients to determine the most effective investment strategy to achieve their goals.

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